Farewell Son – Uni is calling!

Dear Son, My final entry in your diary. A diary I started when you were a baby with the morbid intention of being able to share stories with you if I was ever not around. So to hand it over to you today means we made it! I have so much that I want toContinue reading “Farewell Son – Uni is calling!”

The Inevitable Return

I will be sad when the world returns When I can no longer feed and nourish my soul The bird song is so loud and the pace is a bearable one. The balancing act of food and exercise And the stretch of the aching body on the yoga mat The hunching on the edge ofContinue reading “The Inevitable Return”

It’s Time …..

I can’t shake the sadness Of the strangulation of time It creeps around my lungs As my mind frantically searches for memories Do I have enough? Why are they so vague? We haven’t had enough time! You don’t stride away confidently You are as unready as I am Fearful of the unknown Whilst surrounded byContinue reading “It’s Time …..”

Finally, I choose to Love Myself!

Ageing is viewed as a negative part of life in our western society. So much so that we are taught to hate ourselves for getting older. We hate the lines that appear at the side of our ages, be repulsed by the sagging of our skin and disappointed that the best of us that hasContinue reading “Finally, I choose to Love Myself!”

Reflections on a Metamorphosis – The NYE conversation many of us need – but nobody wants to have.

When it comes to NYE, it is almost like you have to pick sides. You are either ready to take on the world with a metaphorical steel baton or you are sticking your – again ‘metaphorical’ heels in the ground and declaring to the world that you are quite obviously ridiculously satisfied with your life,Continue reading “Reflections on a Metamorphosis – The NYE conversation many of us need – but nobody wants to have.”