The Inevitable Return

I will be sad when the world returns

When I can no longer feed and nourish my soul

The bird song is so loud and the pace is a bearable one.

The balancing act of food and exercise

And the stretch of the aching body on the yoga mat

The hunching on the edge of the sofa with the laptop balanced is taking its toll.

Listening, learning and thinking

Shaping the emancipation 

Admittedly the children live in their rooms

But they are here, safe, silent, not interacting – but here – safe and present in a menial way

I like milling ..  and pondering … and those that I love the most being in such close proximity

As I bumble along with my day

I will miss them,

And the bird song, and the time to lavish upon myself

I thought I loved the rush, the fullness, the bustle

But it seems I like the sounds of nature,

The pottering and them ….

Most of all …. I like them.

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