It’s Time …..

I can’t shake the sadness

Of the strangulation of time

It creeps around my lungs

As my mind frantically searches for memories

Do I have enough? Why are they so vague?

We haven’t had enough time!

You don’t stride away confidently

You are as unready as I am

Fearful of the unknown

Whilst surrounded by those that are so assured

With age you are finding fear

Like a choking smoke screen

Blurring the beauty of the world in front of you

Trust me as I push you into the fog

Into the allurement of the haze

For it is as wondrous as you deserve

Explore without fear

For I am here, standing on the outside

Holding your angst and trepidation

Tread carefully but firmly

Open your eyes to all that you may see

And feel your heart filling

Your soul thriving

And your spirit flourishing

Trust in me

As I believe in you

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